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A place for those dedicated to and interested in, solving the Food Insecurity Needs of Bruce Grey.  Food Insecurity is a symptom of poverty and the lack of affordable (geared to income) and safe housing.

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If you have never grown or even heard of this "super-veggie" now is the time to watch this awesome little video.

FUN FOOD FACT(S) - Asparagus

This fun little video from America's Test Kitchen highlights one of the oldest cultivated vegetables known to humans.

COMMUNITY GARDENS - Growing Mushrooms

Mushrooms play a vital role in the recycling our environment, they are also an excellent source of food, medicine, and for building.

FOOD ORGANIZATIONS - Not myself today

If you are physically sick you stay home. What if you are mentally sick each year 1 in 5 of us will suffer from some form of mental illness

FUN FOOD FACT(S) - Kale, who knew?

Kale is a super food! If you haven't tried it, check out this great little video and add it to your list for 2022

COMMUNITY GARDENS - Companion Planting

First Nations built their diets around the Three Sisters and there are lots of other combinations that you should consider for your garden.

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How to contact us

Thanks for your interest in "FOODTHOUGHTS.CA". For more information, feel free to email your questions or suggestions to us and we will get back to you soon!

380 9th Street East, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada


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