A place for those dedicated to and interested in, solving the Food Insecurity Needs of Bruce Grey.  Food Insecurity is a symptom of poverty and the lack of affordable (geared to income) and safe housing.



Simona is our expert on all things gardening, second harvesting, and is already working with many of our partners.


Saving seeds is a key component of building sustainable community gardens.

Negotiation Tips for Introverts

Asking for discounts is not something most of us are used to doing. Here are some tips that will help.


Vermicomposting should be a key part of any community garden. Simona Freigburgova suggested this video and it is well worth the few minutes

Saving Seeds - An in-depth look

If you have never considered Saving Seeds before, you might after investing 30 minutes of your time watching this excellent video.


Composting is not just for the warm months, this short video unlocks the secrets to WINTER COMPOSTING.

How to Prepare Meals on $4/day

Check out Leanne Brown's recipes for affordable, nutritionally dense food that is easy to prepare.

How to start a Community Garden

Each community is a little different but this short video highlights the standard processes.

CBC Hard to Stomach Podcasts

Food Insecurity is a hidden issue in Canada, few people understand the size and the scope of the issue and how many people it affects.

An Excellent Tool from Second Harvest

More food is wasted because people do not understand the difference between "Best Before Dates" and "Expiry Dates".

How to build a raised garden inexpensively

Raised garden beds are an easy way to add nutritionally dense foods to our client's diets. For a very small investment; food banks, meal...


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