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FOOD ORGANIZATION CHANGES: The Good to Go program at the Meeting Place in Tobermory

Michelle Watson who has been a driving force behind this innovative program is heading north to the Yukon for a year with her family. Her work with The Meeting Place will continue from afar remotely. Michelle would like to introduce you to Megan Franken, who has been brought on to continue the 'boots-on-the-ground' aspects of the job. Megan has been a Stokes Bay resident for several years. She has been working as a farmhand at The Easy Farm in Ferndale for the last several seasons and has a seed company 'Franken Farms'.

Megan is very passionate about local food systems and food security in general and is a great addition to the team at The Meeting Place. She can be reached at Michelle can be reached at Megan and Michelle are looking forward to serving their communities with all of the existing programming currently offered through The Meeting Place and more throughout 2022, so stay tuned!


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